The MAESTRO 400 Campaign is seeking 400 partners that care about the future of our community the way that we do. We are asking you to partner with us by giving a recurring monthly financial donation. Our goal is 100 commitments at each of four amounts. The partnership levels are: Chamber - $10, Concert - $50, Philharmonic - $50, and Symphonic - $100.

At the Musical Arts Institute, we aim to help rebuild the communities we serve where music education has, in most cases, completely disappeared. Due to the reductions in arts funding in public schools, entire generations of students are being denied the opportunity to learn the discipline and pride of playing an instrument. MAI exists to address that reality. Young people need an outlet for their creative ability and energy and hope for a better life. We believe that musicianship offers an alternative to violence and a pathway to educational and economic opportunities.

Your donation will provide scholarships to students in need; instruments to those that can't afford them; computers and software for our students to learn music fundamentals and theory, digital production, editing and mixing, and more; and will support ensembles where students benefit from shared learning, peer to peer coaching and competition, and have year round opportunities to perform publicly as the ensemble develops.

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Providing Instruments

To do the work, you need the tools. The average instrument costs over $500. We seek to remove barriers by providing instruments for our students.

Symphony - $100.00

Donate today to help MAI save lives and empower youth through music!

Imagine a space where students can learn music fundamentals, digital recording and production, sound editing and mixing, online music promotion, and more. We can see it.

Offering Scholarships

Providing high quality, low cost music instruction is the most essential part of our mission.

Over half of our students rely on full or partial need based scholarships.

Our Mission:

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Give hope to children who need it most through music education!

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Making Technology Accessible

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Expanding Programs

MAI currently offers multi-week programs including chorus, group piano, drumline, string ensemble, and jazz combo.


The Musical Arts Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

All donations are tax deductible